News Briefs: Koudelka US release, Grandia Delay, Lunar Bug, Legend of Mana

    Electronic Arts will release Koudelka in the US. No release date was given. EA Square announced they will release Racing Lagoon and Seiken Densetsu 4: Legend of Mana in the US before summer 2000.

    Enix will releae Planet Laika on September 30th in Japan.

    The US version of Grandia has been delayed until October.

    And finally, but not least, from the "How on God's green earth did we miss this?" department, Working Designs has released information about a bug in Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. The following is the original posting from Working Designs' website.

While saves from the LUNAR: Silver Star Story COMPLETE Demo are fully compatible with the final release of the game, there is a VERY major bug that can come up if you're using the Demo save with the final release of the game. This bug will make it impossible to finish the final portion of the game, if you have given Alex's ocarina to anyone else during the demo.

Luckily, this bug can be easily fixed. To do this, just make sure that you keep Alex's "ocarina" in HIS inventory when you're playing the demo. If you have already moved the "ocarina" into Nall's or another character's inventory in the Demo, you simply have to give the "ocarina" back to Alex BEFORE you use that save with the final release version of LUNAR.

Users starting a new game with the production version of LUNAR will not encounter this problem. It only has the possibility of happening if the demo save data is used in the final game and Alex's ocarina has been given to someone else.

Source: [Magic Box]

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