Square Releases more on Dew Prism

    Square has released more information on the upcoming RPG, Dew Prism. The Information gives detailed descriptions and background information on 11 of the characters in the game.

    Queen Maya - She protects the Dew Prism and is Princess Mint's younger sister. Mint is next in line to be queen. Unlike her older sister Mint, Maya is much more gentle and dignified. She dislikes Mint's violent lifestyle, and often quarrels with her about it. In order to protect the Dew Prism, she put a seal on it, which, unfortunately, interfers with the plans of Rue and Mint.

    Doll Master - An ambitious sorcerer who hides behind a mask. The royal court magician and a master of black magic. Using his skill at politics, he convinced Queen Maya to trust him implicitly. He skillfully plotted to acquire the Dew Prism, keeping everyone totally unaware of his actions.

    Bell - Female treasure hunter, and main antagonist. A treasure hunter who wanders far and wide in search of valuable gains. After joining Duke and Conbi, she begins acting like a villain. She had met Mint before, but she had been deceived and ended up going through quite and ordeal. She is planning to kidnap Rue and Mint and acquire the Dew Prism.

    Duke - Bell's follower who uses the secret technique, Narikiri. Bell's partner, he loves and respects Bell like a big sister. Like you would come to expect after playing other RPGs, he is a hindrance to the main characters. Sure enough, he attacks Rue and Mint and is always getting in their way. Since he is so easy to influence, every time he reads a new book, his attack method changes.

    Elena - This girl is apparently an idiot by nature. Kraus and Mira's daughter. She was born with an inclination toward stupidity, so she pretty much causes confusion wherever she goes.

    Kraus - Collector of antiques and an "archaeology maniac." He runs a shop that sells excavated items. Although he is gentle and good natured, you can not always rely on Elena's father.

    Mira - Elena's mother. Mira spends her time helping out her husband with his research. It does not mean as much to her as it does to him, but she's taken it up as a hobby.

    Rod - The weapon smith currently mastering the way of the sword. Rod makes magical as well as conventional weapons, and he's not afraid to use them. Although a nice guy at heart, he is always looking for a challenger so he can test out his latest kit. His intention is to be a great sword master.

    Blood and Smorky - Blood is the older of the two Rogue Brothers. The brothers do nothing but evil, but they never do anything major.

    The Mysterious Man - Whoever this is, he killed Claire, who was raising Rue, with his right arm of death. Rue still has nightmares about his sister's death, and doesn't know when the Mysterious Man will show up again.

Source: [FGN]

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