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   Langrisser Millennium for the Dreamcast, reportedly will be greatly distinguishable from previous Langrisser's. Character Artwork design will be handled by another illustrator, making the overall visual image of the game different from the past titles. The gameplay will be separated into 2 parts: Strategy Map and Battle Scene. In Strategy Map, time flow will be real-time. Battle Scenes come if two different forces get together at a same place, and will then switch into an action-based game. Players control a character of the character's party in action mode, then sends an overall strategy for alliance. Langrisser Millenium allows up to a 4 Vs 4 situation in the Battle Scene. There will be 5 different main characters for a player to select. The remaining main characters will then become opposing leaders of their empires and enemies of the player. Alliances however can be made with the opposition.

6 New Langrisser Millenium Screen shots

Source: [VGN]
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