Shen Mue - Network Jungle II Game of Show

   On May 1-3, Sega pulled out all the stops to promote Shen Mue at the Network Jungle II show.

   Shen Mue was undoubtedly the game of the show. The Shen Mue booths recieved massive attention from crowds waiting to play Shen Mue Demo's. There were also massive Shen Mue Art Exhibits. Shen Mue's Orchestral and Shen Hua Albums were also available for free listening.

   There were also several other promotional Shen Mue events from game contests to an On Stage Live Performance of the Shen Mue theme song accompanied with live piano and orchestra.

   AM2 Director, Yu Suzuki also took to the stage to unveil new character based sequences. Suzuki also discussed his vision for the Shen Mue Project. Sega needed this exhibition to reestablish Shen Mue and the Dreamcast Technology against the dominance of Sony's PSX2 previously released Demo's.

Source: [Next Generation], [SegaX]

Shen Mue Station
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