Spin a Legaia Web and Win Money

    As part of the promotion for the recently released Legend of Legaia, SCEA is giving fans a chance to win $1000. The contest, called "Envision Your Own Site" Legend of Legaia Contest, challenges fans of the game to develop the most unique Legend of Legaia Fan Site.

    Artwork and other information about the game, as well as complete contest details, are available at the Official PlayStation Site, and can be used freely in creating the site. Once the site is completed participants need submit a snapshot for judging by June 7, 1999. The criteria that will be used for judging the entries are creativity, design, and content.

    The Grand Prize winner will receive $1000 in cash, one first prize winner will receive a copy of Legend of Legaia, a Dual Shock controller, and three colored memory cards, and five second prize winners will each receive three colored memory cards.

Turn your love for Legaia into Cash

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