Square Announces E3 Lineup

    Square has announced their lineup for E3, with a total of six titles slated for display at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. The following excerpts were taken from Square's Press Release.

    Final Fantasy VIII -- the latest in the award-winning Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy VIII features a compelling story mix of action and adventure with an added touch of romance. Squall is a member of an elite combat team that engages in a power struggle with another faction; both are battling to take control. The key question for Squall and his team is whom to trust? Adding to this completely new Final Fantasy story line are intriguing characters such as the free spirited young woman, Rinoa Heartilly, the sorceress Edea, Quistis Trepe the instructor, and Squall's archrival, Seifer. In addition to a riveting storyline, Square's development team has ratcheted up the graphics in this game, with more finely shaped characters that sport detailed expressions and facial movements, and full motion videos that use motion capture technology for more realistic human movements and actions. The title also includes an enhanced magic system for longer, more in-depth gameplay. The title will ship on the PlayStation game console in Fall 1999.

    Ehrgeiz -- an exciting, arcade quality fighting game that includes intense mini-games within the game as well as a full-featured RPG adventure. Ehrgeiz breaks the traditional boundaries of fighting game design with a revolutionary redefined battle engine that allows 3D movement of its characters. Hand-to-hand and weapons-based combat allows for a wide range of technique and strategy for game players of all levels. Ehrgeiz also includes guest characters from Final Fantasy VII. The title will ship on the PlayStation game console in Spring 1999.

    Chocobo Racing -- the first action-racing game that features Chocobo, a familiar character from the Final Fantasy series. A large cast of unique characters race their way through a wide variety of courses in a story mode that allows a single-player to speed his/her way through "chapters" of an old-fashioned pop-up book. Chocobo Racing features five unique game modes, fluid graphics and arcade-style handling. In addition, players can edit the parameters of their chosen characters at the end of every story mode creating a unique character unlike any other which can be saved on a memory card and used in other game modes at a later time. Chocobo Racing will ship on the PlayStation game console in Fall 1999.

    Chocobo's Dungeon 2 -- an adventure RPG title featuring Chocobo and his friend Moogle. These characters, both from the Final Fantasy series, embark on a quest in search of hidden treasure. Chocobo's Dungeon 2 offers an engrossing storyline and dynamic role playing elements that include Square Soft's patented Active Time Battle (ATB) system which enhances game play over traditional turn-based methods. In addition, a Random Dungeon Generator makes for a different adventure every time promising hours of entertainment. Chocobo's Dungeon 2 will ship on the PlayStation game console in early 2000.

    Several previews for upcoming games will also be on display in Square's E3 in-booth theater, they include:

    Final Fantasy Anthology -- combines two classic role playing games, Final Fantasy V and VI. The anthology features huge worlds, rich story lines, innovative battle and magic systems and an intriguing cast of characters. This marks the first time Final Fantasy V has appeared on a console in North America. In addition, newly added full-motion video (FMV) opening and closing sequences have been added in an effort to combine classic role playing gameplay with the ultimate in today's high tech video prowess. The title will ship on the PlayStation game console in Winter 1999.

    SaGa Frontier II -- offers players the unique freedom of choice. Unlike traditional linear role playing games, SaGa Frontier II offers a multi-level, free scenario system where players select the scenario they want to play. The game is set in the 13th century in a world named "Sandail" against a backdrop of dramatic 2D environments in watercolor. Players battle their way through several scenarios from the perspective of various characters they select. The title offers three battle modes: duel, team and strategic. SaGa Frontier II will ship on the PlayStation game console in early 2000.

Final Fantasy VIII

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Final Fantasy V

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