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Fire Emblem Echoes Gets Some Character


Fire Emblem Echoes

Nintendo has updated its Japanese website for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. The update included some details and videos regarding the game's systems and short character bios for a good chunk of the cast.

Fire Emblem Echoes follows two different points of view, protagonists Alm and Celica (pictured below) in a war across the continent of Valentia. Each will command a different army with separate objectives. Each army will move along a map screen, encountering battles whenever they come into contact with another army. Players will have the option to move the armies around freely, but enemies may reappear in previously cleared areas. Battles will play out in a traditional Fire Emblem manner and the game will offer both normal and hard difficulties along with the option to have permadeath off or on.

As mentioned above, the two protagonists of the game are Alm and Celica. The two grew up together in the same village, but events lead Celica to leave and become a priest. Alm grows up with considerable skill as a swordsman and quickly joins the Zophia Liberation Army. Many of his childhood friends from the village join him, including the aloof Gray, the hard-working Robin, the bookish Kliff, and Effie, In the Liberation Army they meet the likes of Lukas, the noble, Silque, the cleric, and the army's leader Clive. Conversely, Cecila's band is initially comprised mostly of mages, like Mae, Boey, and Genny. They are joined by the likes of travelling mercenaries and bodyguards like Saber, Valbar, Leo, and Kamui.

Fire Emblem Echoes was originally released in Japan in 1992 as Fire Emblem Gaiden. This complete remake for 3DS will be the first time the game is available in North America and Europe. It will release on May 19, 2017.



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