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The Alliance Alive Details Combat


The Alliance Alive

FuRyu released a new trailer for its upcoming turn-based RPG, The Alliance Alive. The latest video focuses on the game's combat system and includes English subtitles (which viewers may need to turn on themselves).

Combat lets players control a party of up to five members, choosing their formation once they initial combat by coming into contact with a monster on the field. When party members use techniques, there is a chance that they will awaken and either level up that technique or learn a compeltely new one.

FuRyu also revealed a few additional details about the game. The Alliance Alive will include various vehicles that will be used to get around the world map, with different vehicles unlocking new areas that couldn't previously be visited. The game features seven weapon types — sword, greatsword, axe, spear, staff, bow, shield, and martial arts — all of which can be equipped by any character, regardless of job.

The Alliance Alive is the newest RPG from The Legend of Legacy developer Cattle Call. The game is due out in Japan exclusively for Nintendo 3DS on June 22, 2017. No announcement has been made regarding a possible western release.

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