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Toukiden 2 Comes to Japan in June


Toukiden 2

Koei Tecmo recently announced the Japanese release date for its Omega Force-developed action RPG, Toukiden 2. The game will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita in the nation on June 30, 2016. There will be a demo available for PlayStation 4 on April 11, 2016, while a PlayStation Vita demo is also planned but is currently without a release date. A western release has not yet been announced for Toukiden 2.

Toukiden 2's first full trailer is also now available, viewable below, along with a few extra details about the game and some new screenshots and artwork. The game will have more character customisation options than its predecessors. Save data from Toukiden: The Age of Demons or Toukiden Kiwami will provide bonuses though there will not be any equipment transfer. Characters from those previous games will also make appearances. The game will be split into six different regions, each based on characteristics from periods in Japanese history. Lastly, two new characters have been introduced: Kamuna is a lone swordsman on an endless pursuit for strength, while Tsubaki is a hard worker who finished top of her training group with the ambition to be a top Slayer.

Click here to view more screenshots.

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