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Salt and Sanctuary Adds Multiplayer Element


Salt and Sanctuary

Posting via the PlayStation Blog, Ska Studios has dropped new details regarding Salt and Sanctuary. Multiplayer will be available in the game in a unique way, though not online. A new trailer, narrated by the developers themselves showcasing how the feature will work, is viewable below.

While playing through Salt and Sanctuary, players will come across tiny statues that, when placed on a sanctuary's altar, will add a specific NPC to the sanctuary. One of these statues is of a sellsword, which prompts a second controller to be added and allows the second player to choose a recruitable character from list.

While in cooperative play, enemy health and damage will be increased to accommodate the additional player. The sellsword will also make a new item available called the Egg of Wrath that can be used to initiate PvP between the players at any time, even during boss fights. Dead players will be able to be revived at the next sanctuary.

Salt and Sanctuary is a 2D action RPG influenced by the likes of Castlevania and Dark Souls. The game will be releasing on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita sometime in 2016, with a PC release following after.

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