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More Bravely Second Info Chomps its Way Out


Bravely Second

Two new jobs for Bravely Second have been revealed: the Wizard and the Chariot. The Wizard specialises in a new type of magic and has the special ability Addendum, which allows spell effects to be changed by adding words onto the end of them. Its Asterisk holder is called Ayame, a 22-year-old girl who is dressed all in black. Meanwhile, the Chariot job uses physical attacks and comes with three special abilities. Warmonger allows them to be more proficient with a type of weapon with each normal attack, Disorder allows weapons to be thrown at enemies, and Triple Blade allows a maximum of three weapons to be equipped instead of the usual two. The Chariot's Asterisk holder is a centaur named Cu Chulainn, and loyally serves Ayame.

Some returning Asterisk holders from Bravely Default have also made appearances. Performer Praline la Mode, Pirate Hayreddin Barbarossa, and Swordmaster Nobutsuna Kamiizumi are all set to return for Bravely Second.

The final bit of new information involves a minigame called Chomper Maker. This minigame sees the party making Chomper plushies out of cloth, with each member assigned a different role in the manufacturing process. Making Chomper packs rewards players with money and other bonuses, with other aspects such a tools and rare Chomper versions coming into play as well. The game is also said to feature a special Chomper village.

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