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Conception II's Potential Classmates Revealed


Conception II

Atlus has revealed some details about the heroines in its upcoming 3DS and Vita RPG, Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars. The game's main character is required to undergo the "classmating" ritual with these heroines in order to produce Star Children and venture into the Pandora Labyrinth and defeat the monsters emerging from within.

The girl above on the left is Chloe, who uses a remote turret in battle. She is the older sister of one of the main character's new friends, and her abilities are powerful enough that she is actually an instructor at the academy. To Chloe's right is Ellie, a first year student and magical staff wielder. Despite her cute looks, she is said to be mature and perceptive. Feene is second from the right, and is a polite third-year student. She is one of the strongest characters and uses a gunblade in combat. Finally, Fuuko is the first female character players will meet. She is quick to make friends, and sees herself as down-to-earth. Fuuko uses dual pistols in the dungeon sections of the game.

The second row starts off with bowgun-using Narika. The vice class representative, Narika is shy and reserved but kind to others. Serina in the middle is a third-year and another powerful character. She often tries to keep her feelings hidden and uses a kick gun to defeat her opponents. Rounding off the heroines is gatling-wielding Torri. Raised in a research facility, Torri doesn't know much of the outside world and is often more than happy to believe whatever she's told.

Atlus has also released the transformation sequences for each of the girls from their school to battle gear in the form of animated images, which can be found in this gallery. Please note that these transformations skirt close enough to warrant a potential Not Safe for Work warning. Conception II is due out in North America this spring.

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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars
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