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NIS America Goes Title Crazy


NIS America

NIS America has announced three titles for release in North America and Europe at a press event this evening. All of these titles will be released for the Sony PlayStation 3 console.

The Witch and the Hundred Knights, scheduled for Winter 2013, is an action RPG that places the player in control of one hundred knights that can either be a town's hero or its worst enemy. Those looking to follow this game closely can watch the official site for further updates.

Mugen Souls is a strategy RPG that is scheduled for Fall 2012. This title lets players traverse a galaxy that houses seven independent worlds, each containing many treasures and battles. It will let players customize everything about their party, from facial expressions to job classes. For Japanese screens and a trailer, readers can view the game's official site.

Legasista, the final title announced tonight, is a dungeon crawling, survival action RPG that will be released as a downloadable title in August 2012. This game places players in the role of a fully customizable character, who can be altered using pictures from the console. Players will find their characters teaming up with other characters to battle through the randomly generated dungeons of the Ivy Tower. Readers can view a trailer for this titrle on the official site.

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