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RPGamer Game Night - Thursday 03/25/10



Game Night is going to take place tomorrow, Thursday, March 25th from 6:00pm PST to 8:00pm PST or so. If you want to stay longer, by all means. Everyone is going to meet up in our IRC chatroom. I'm going to use the Message Board post to match up people who can play our featured game, Borderlands, on the same platform and to start exchanging PSN, Steam and Xbox 360 IDs.

Thank you to everyone who voted in our first game night poll. The winner by a landslide is Borderlands, with write-in votes for White Knight Chronicles coming in second place. Since, Borderlands is our featured game, most of us will be partying up to play that.

Even if you don't own Borderlands, feel free to come join game night as several of us will be there to hang out and play other games. So expect most of us to be playing Borderlands, a few of us playing WKC, and a few others hanging out on PSN, Xbox live, or Steam playing something else.

So jump in anytime between 6pm and 8PM PST, to join game night. If you find a like minded party and want to stay longer to play the night away, that's ok too.

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