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Gods Will Be Eaten Later This Year


God Eater

D3 Publisher is bringing God Eater, Namco Bandai's monster hunting action RPG, to North America. This PSP title will hit in Q3 2010. Pete Andrew, vice president of product development for D3 Publisher has the following to say, "The anticipation for God Eater in Japan has been tremendous with more than 1.5 million downloads of the demo. God Eater offers high-speed, stylized action mixed with a deep dramatic storyline that makes it uniquely different from its competitors and we look forward to bringing this title to gamers in North America."

In God Eater, players will create a unique character and be able to customize weapons that can be switched on the fly, allowing for lots of different ways to play. The game also features over 100 missions for players to tackle solo or with friends. RPGamers will be able to cooperatively play via adhoc or the PS3's adhoc Party in this post-apocalyptic world.

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God Eater
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