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Ogre Battle : The March of the Black Queen hits Virtual Console


Ogre Battle : March of the Black Queen

In this week’s Wii Virtual Console update, Nintendo takes the battle to the continent of Zenobia. Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen, published by Enix in the United States, is strategy game that was released originally on the SNES and later on for the PlayStation.

Developed by Yasumi Matsuno of Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy XII fame, Ogre Battle met with critical acclaim in the United States, but a run of only 25,000 copies of the SNES version made it relatively rare. Now you can experience the revolution against the Zeteginan Empire once more, and at a fraction of the price. At 800 Wii Points ($8.00), the cost of entry is substantially lower than the $50.00 average cost of the game on eBay.

Players will be able to choose from a varied cast of characters to take the battle to the Empire in tactical combat. The game features over 25 stages and 75 classes, branching storylines, an alignment system and two modes of play.

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