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PS3 Tells Untold Legends



Sony Online Entertainment has announced that it will be bringing the Untold Legends series, previously confined to the handheld arena, to the next generation PlayStation 3 home console with Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom.

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom will feature high-definition graphics and will heavily emphasize its online abilities. SOE's Vice President of Marketing, Michael Lustenberger, remarked that the game will "feature online gameplay with the ability to adventure alone or with your friends through multiplayer modes as well as delivering content post launch through the PlayStation 3 system's online service."

The game's story will be penned by Keith Baker, the author behind the Dungeons & Dragons Eberron world. The player will take control of a soldier long loyal to the king. When the soldier grows suspicious that the king is being controlled by a malevolent force, the king sends him off to battle on the nation's frontier. After the player returns from this conflict, he finds the land changed to a dark kingdom, with the king having tortured and killed countless innocents. The player must then fight his way through the kingdom to defeat his former master.

The action RPG, which will be both developed and published by SOE, will launch with the PS3 later this year. The game's website can be found here.

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Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom
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