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Baten Kaitos II Magnus Details, Characters


Baten Kaitos II

Some new information about Baten Kaitos II has emerged in relation to the all important Magnus that the original game introduced. A few new characters have also been detailed.

Magnus in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean were acquired through battles and shops, but this time around NPCs will have Magnus available for trade. Certain NPCs in Baten Kaitos II will specialize in collecting and trading Magnus. Players who trade more with certain characters will find these NPCs remember certain trades, and eventually the player can acquire much rarer cards.

Other news includes character descriptions for four siblings and an old man.

  • Titsa is the oldest member and leader of the family who always thinks through his decisions.
  • Petz is second oldest and tends to get into fights thanks to his serious nature.
  • At 19, Pierde is the eldest sister and as such is the mother figure of the group.
  • Poroku on the other hand is the youngest member of the group. She is spoiled and only concerns herself with short term goals.
  • Wiseman is a mask wearing lord who delights in turning living things, including people, into Magnus. He is pursuing a plan to turn more humans into Magnus so they can no longer feel physical pain.

Baten Kaitos II is still on track for its Japanese release on February 22. US fans should check back here for more information regarding its North American release.

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Baten Kaitos II
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