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Sony Under New Management



Several resignations impacting upon key positions on Sony's management staff were announced today. The list of resignations includes the company's CEO, president, and five members of the board of directors.

Pushed towards resignation by the infamous Sony Shock of 2003, a fiscal fiasco that plunged the company to a monetary low not seen since 1982, company CEO Nobuyuki Idei finally gave up his position. Preceded by founder Akio Morita and Norio Ooga, Idei was the third CEO to preside over Sony. Serving for a decade, his bold visions and unfortunate inability to turn dream to reality led critics to label him as a "philosopher."

Idei is to be replaced by Sony America president Howard Stringer, an event that will mark only the second time a foreinger will head a major Japanese corporation, the first being Frechman Carlos Ghousn's stay at Nissan Motors. Kunitake Andou, the company's president for almost five years, will be replaced by Sony America vice president Ryouji Chuubachi. Executive vice president, chief strategy officer, and chief financial officer Katsumi Ihara will become the president of the Home Electronics Network Company.

Another of the seven resignations announced was Sony Computer Entertainment president and Playstation genius Ken Kutaragi's, who abandoned his position on the board of directors. By doing this he will be capable of concentrating entirely upon the corporation's game division once again. Named as executive vice president, chief operating officer, and president of the subsidiary Semiconductor Solutions Network Company, and leading the company's most profitable division, Kutaragi was recommended by many to follow Idei as CEO. However, the 54-year-old has many corporate enemies remaining from the 1980's, and will remain as the head of Sony Computer Entertainment.

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