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More Fire Emblem Characters Blaze to Life


Fire Emblem/Nintendo

Some information pertaining to previously unknown characters was posted today on the Fire Emblem: Trail of Blue Flames official website. Details released include:

  • The Dark Knight - One of the four legendary generals of the Dean Kingdom. Donning a suit of black armor that disguises his figure completely, this character is wrapped in mystery. Little is known about him.
  • Marcia - Traversing the world in search of her older brother, Marcia is a pegasus-riding female knight.
  • Zihark - A mercenary held in high regard for his ability at chaining attacks.
  • Sanaki - Empress of the Pegnion Empire, a vast realm that encompasses half the known world, Sanaki is a theocratic ruler and is regarded by her subjects as a high priestess.
  • Tiban - A gifted leader, Tiban is king of the island country Fenix. His ability as a ruler has earned him the absolute trust of his subjects.

It is not yet known whether these characters will be playable. Stay in touch with RPGamer for more news as it surfaces.

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