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Fantasy Earth Summoning System Detailed


Fantasy Earth Square Enix has recent given some insight to the summoning system for their MMO Fantasy Earth. Summoning will not be restricted to a special class. Instead it may be preformed by any player, provided they have enough crystals and the proper buildings. The summoning of a monster turns the player into said monster for a short period of time. At present, there are five different monster types.

    Dragon – The dragon type has everything you would expect of a dragon. Aerial combat and fire breathing are the mainstays of this monster. Staying up in the air allows the player to avoid short ranged attacks while raining fire down on the opposition.

    Giant – While in the form of a giant the player’s movement rate will be decreased drastically. Yet what the player loses in speed, they gain in sheer power. Giants basically become a walking siege engine, capable of throwing giant fireballs at keeps. They are also able to use a power Stomp attack to shake the earth and disperse the troops gathered around their feet.

    Wraith – These undead specters have various skills geared towards assisting in massive battles. They are capable of blinding opponents and are also able to use their Ice Bind technique to freeze a foe in place.

    Knight – Both offensively and defensively geared, the Knight adds some well rounded balance to the list of summons. Using their Divine Strike to slay foes or casting Holy Shield to increase their own defense.

    Chimaera – Trumping the dragon in the breath weapon department, the Chimaera is capable of breathing fire, ice and lightning. They are also very effective when just mauling their opponents.

Fantasy Earth is expected to be released in Japan sometime in 2005. There has still been no announcement on a North American or European release.

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