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Sakaguchi and Moore Discuss Xbox Projects, Alliance



Shortly after Microsoft announced Hironobu Sakaguchi's involvement in two projects for its next generation console, Sakaguchi sat down with Xbox Japan for an interview concerning this development. When asked why he chose Microsoft's next generation console for Mistwalker's new RPGs, Sakaguchi said he picked Microsoft Game Studios because of the people he would be working with. The capabilities of the new console did play a part in the decision, but Sakaguchi said that the primary factor in his decision was the chance to work with several former co-workers, who happen to be employed by Microsoft Game Studios.

Regarding the games themselves, Sakaguchi says they will differ from each other greatly. One will be a cute, colorful game with super deformed characters and a storyline designed to be lighthearted. The other will be the polar opposite, with realistic graphics, well-rounded characters, and an "incredible setting that appears seamlessly real." It was mentioned that the latter game will not focus on a hero's quest, but rather on emotional interaction with a character who is already well-developed. Thus, it would be safe to assume that this Xbox RPG and the Mistwalker RPG that has been previously reported upon are one in the same.

Peter Moore, corporate vice president of worldwide marketing and publishing at Microsoft, also sat down with Game Informer to discuss his newfound relationship with Mistwalker. He revealed to them that Mistwalker and Microsoft Game Studios are on an equal-partnership basis, but Sakaguchi has absolute control over every facet of development. Sakaguchi will be in the role of executive producer as well as creator, and is also working on character, plot, scenario, world and music development, among other things. Both games are already in development, with proprietary works having begun last fall.

Mistwalker will be handling the music, design, and scenarios for the games. Microsoft Game Studios will be funding the projects. Reportedly, the RPGs have approximately 100-150 people per team. While the specifics of which haven't been revealed yet, both games will feature online capabilities, as well as strong CG technology. As of yet, the games are still nameless. During his interview with Game Informer, Peter Moore hinted at the possibility that more details would be released at E3 in May. If details are released at E3 in May, look to RPGamer to bring you the new information straight from the frontlines.

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