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Wizardry Summoned to PS2


Wizardry Summoner/Media Rings

Taito recently announced that a PS2 version of the GBA title Wizardy Summoner is currently in the works. Furthermore, the game is slated for a March 31 release.

The GBA title, released in Japan in 2001 and North America in 2003, took a different approach from its forerunners, presenting players with a number of 3D dungeons to navigate and conquer in order to obtain the Forbidden Book. The reason for this quest was purely monetary; the king of Ossakaputisu was offering a hefty reward for the return of the artifact. Many adventurers had come from all the corners of the planet in an attempt to locate the Book; none had returned from this venture.

As far as gameplay goes, the game featured randomly generated dungeons and traditional menu-and-number based battles. This Wizardry title was also the first in the series to introduce the summoner class to the character roster.

No other information on the PS2 version has been released, but RPGamer will be sure to bring you any further news as it surfaces.

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Wizardy Summoner
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