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Two New Missions Added To Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst


Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst

Sega's Sonic Team is adding two new missions to its popular MMO, Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst, which is a PC combo-port of Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II for the Xbox and GameCube systems. One of the new missions offers players the task of securing a route around the south curve of the Crater, which is a giant pit carved into the planet's surface by the crash of a meteorite. Naturally, the route in question is infested with monsters, so the objective of the mission is basically a kill-all-the-enemies blitz. Players can battle on their own or form parties. The route itself will be divided into two branches that can be tackled cooperatively or competitively, especially when party members are involved.

A search-and-rescue venture is the gist of the other mission. Players are sent out to find a missing Numan soldier by the name of Rupiak and an unidenitfied character called Leo Garhart. There's a competitive factor integrated into this mission as well, but it won't involve fellow players. Instead, you and your party members will be racing against hunters from three powerful organizations to find their whereabouts.

The launch date for PSO:BB's new missions was supposed to be today, February 15, 2005. It is unknown whether or not these new missions for the Japanese release will also appear in the US release of the game, which is tentatively slated for March this year

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Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst
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