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Makai Kingdom Battle Info


Makai Kingdom/Nippon Ichi

Aside from the unusual, building-summoning Invite System, the battle scheme for Makai Kingdom, one of Nippon Ichi's latest titles, will include another unique aspect. A stage cannot be cleared simply with the elimination of all enemies present; players must ascertain a predetermined "score" to clear the level. Obviously, each enemy will possess an associated numerical value, but oddly enough, so will each object in the environment. To increase their score, players must both defeat enemies and utilize the stage's objects. When the predetermined score has been reached the fight will end, regardless of whether or not any enemies remain. This allows players to clear a stage without having to tangle with a difficult enemy. However, the post-stage bonus is directly linked to the score. Therefore, if a player beats a stage by only a small margin, they will reap fewer benefits than a player who topped the score temendously.

Makai Kingdom is set for a July release in North America. Stay tuned to RPGamer for more info as it is disclosed.

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Makai Kingdom
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