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Shining Series Set to Shine Once More



Yesterday, on the official Shining Tears website, a new image appeared next to a Shining Tears graphic. This mysterious addition to the Shining homepage was, in fact, the harbinger of a project titled Shining Next Project. Shining Next Project signifies a bold move on Sega's part, as it's still relatively unknown as to how both previous Shining titles will perform in the gaming market. Whether or not this is the same new Shining title that was announced by Sega public relations representative Tadashi Takezaki last August remains to be seen. If these two games are not one in the same, then that would make this title the fourth-known Shining title currently in development.

Shining Tears tells the story of Xion, a seventeen-year-old boy, who suffers from amnesia and is thrown into a war he doesn't comprehend. The game is executed via a turn-based "Partner Operating System" in which partners can be paired with Xion to grant him certain abilities. A two player mode is also available, where Xion's partner is controlled by the other player.

No word has been revealed yet as to whether Shining Next Project will follow in the steps of either of the other Shining titles, or if it will implement a completely new game style and story. RPGamer will be sure to provide all updates as they are released, so stay in touch.

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