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Propaganda Sheds More Light on Fire Emblem: Trail of Blue Flames


Fire Emblem: Trail of Blue Flames

New information concerning Fire Emblem: Trail of Blue Flames has become available via a Japanese publication. The story is set on the continent of Terius, which is home to two different races. The humanoid Beok live side-by-side with the beastly Raguz throughout eight kingdoms. The current truce between the group seems to be fragile because of their strong dislike for each other.

The terrain will be a large factor in the gameplay. Players who place units on a higher terrain than their enemies will gain damage bonuses. Likewise, archers placed on high terrain will gain a wider range. Whether placing units on lower terrain has any comparable relevance is unknown.

"Pushing" units, either ally or enemy, will be one of the many available commands. This action can rush slower moving units to the front lines faster. Character skills will be similar to those in previous versions, but a new enigmatic parameter called "capacity" will be introduced in this Fire Emblem title.

Newly announced characters from Trail of Blue Flames include:

  • Ike - The hero of this story. Ike is training to become a full-fledged member of the Grail Mercenary Troop. Although not very talkative, he can be quite impulsive at times.
  • Grail - Leader of the Grail Mercenaries and Ike's father. Grail is gruff and fair, yet still highly respected among his troops.
  • Mist - Ike's younger sister, and a helper for her father's troop. She's the homemaker of the family, and has a bright, cheery personality. She wears a medallion that serves as a memento of her mother.
  • Tiamat - Grail's second-in-command who wields a large halberd. A former member of the Kremia Royal Knights, she unexplainably joins Grail's forces. Her past with the knights or why she joined Grail is shrouded in mystery.
  • Senerio - A young strategist apprentice. Down to earth, collective, and in touch with reality, he has full trust in Ike.
  • Elincia - Princess of the Kremia kingdom. She fled her country's capital when it was invaded by enemy forces of the kingdom of Dein. While being pursued by soldiers, she became separated from her escort.
  • Fire Emblem: Trail of Blue Flames is scheduled for a Japanese release of April 20. The tentative release date for the North American version is still speculated to be in the second quarter of this year.

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