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MMORPGs Seek Help for Tsunami Victims



Those who frown upon the somewhat common MMORPG practice of selling in-game items for real money now have reason to rethink their stance. Members of the popular online RPG Ultima Online recently began to pull together to collect donations for victims of the recent tsunami damage that has devestated much of southern Asia. One method the community is using is the classic collecting of donations, while the second method is the selling of in-game items and money in online auctions, the funds of which are given to the Red Cross. To see exactly how to donate as an Ultima Online player, visit Crazy Joe's Asylum.

Another MMORPG joining in such an effort is CCP's EVE Online. The game's own announcement says, "As most of you know a 9.0 magnitude earthquake on December 26 triggered massive Tsunamis off the west cost of Northern Sumatra in Indonesia. These Tsunamis have affected many countries and killed more than 80,000 people. So if you want to join other members of the EVE community in helping the victims of the Tsunami floods in Asia then CCP has setup a special account for that purpose, which will allow you to make a secure online donation. All donations will be delivered to the Icelandic Red Cross which in turn will ensure the funds gets put to good use. You can access the donation section from your 'My Account' pages and learn more there about this good cause."

For those that would like to help the victims of this disaster, but are not members of either of these two games' communities, other relief funds are available such as this one on Amazon.

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