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Konami Discusses Suikoden, Ys Titles

Heath Hindman

At Konami's recent "Gamers' Day" event, the company revealed informaton about two highly anticipated RPGs. First, Konami Digital Entertainment's Junko Kawano spoke to attendees about Suikoden IV. As previously reported, the game will once again feature a whopping 108 characters to recruit. Most recently, a young woman named Jean was added to the list. In the video clips shown, several monsters appeared, ranging from ogres to giant crabs, to dragons and more. When asked if this game would take place before the other games in the series, as was the rumor a while back, Kawano told the crowd, "that's still a secret." This game should be available in North America in the latter portion of 2004.

Secondly, the company reminded the audience that Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim is still on track to arrive in North America this coming winter. Already available on PC in Japan, North Americans will be receiving the Playstation 2 version of the game, which features upgrades in departments such as graphics and sound quality. This version of game will also boast some new characters and extra locations. Check back for more on both of these titles.

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