Square Speaks More on Nintendo Deal; Mass Confusion Ensues

Despite reports indicating that a Game Boy Advance port of Final Fantasy Tactics is well into production, a Square representative recently told Dengeki GameCube that the company has not yet committed to the project. According to the interview, Game Developers Studios, the Square-headed team subsidized by Nintendo's "Fund Q," won't begin physical operations until April. The group will then recruit additional Square teams as development plans are finalized by Akitoshi Kiwazu, GDS's leader.

The representative explicitly stated that development for Nintendo systems will be focused on the Game Boy Advance and that no GameCube titles, Final Fantasy or otherwise, are currently being planned. However, it was maintained that Square is interested in the link connectivity between the two systems; it was also suggested that development irrespective of "Fund Q" is being considered. Furthermore, development plans for the GBA will be based on fan opinion, thus rendering Final Fantasy titles, new or remake, prime candidates given the franchise's worldwide popularity.

The interview re-affirmed that three or four GBA titles will be released before the end of 2002. And as previously reported, Final Fantasy XI will see releases on PlayStation 2 and PC, while Final Fantasy XII is currently in development solely for the PS2.

by Michael Henninger    
Source: [XenGamers]
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