Black Matrix ZERO Story Details
Black Matrix ZERO

As NEC Interchannel applies the finishing touches to its new Game Boy Advance RPG, Black Matrix ZERO, some details regarding the game's story have surfaced. Serving as a prequel to the Black Matrix series, the scenario offers players the role of Cardi, a human boy in a world also inhabited by White and Dark Angels. Gamers who relish the darker side of human nature may be pleased to know that Cardi has the choice of siding with the Dark Angels, a decision that significantly affects the progression of the scenario.

Cardi's adventure begins with his friend Mardia's abduction by a group of angels, an ordeal which leaves him mortally injured. An opposing group of angels then bestows Cardi with a pair of angel wings, thus saving his life. Having successfully endured the impromptu wing transplant, Cardi then sets out to rescue his friend.

In addition to these story revelations, a gameplay tidbit has also surfaced. The game's battle system will resemble previous Black Matrix incarnations, notwithstanding the Time Magic system's removal.

Black Matrix ZERO is slated for a May 2002 release in Japan. The series has appeared on the Dreamcast and PS2 consoles in Japan, and its lack of a North American presence sadly points to a low probability of the new title appearing here.

by Michael Henninger    
Source: [The Magicbox]
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