Final Fantasy XI Experience System Revealed

Gaining experience is one of the primary activities in any RPG, and so it comes as no surprise that Final Fantasy XI will have a system of experience of its own. The first online installment in the Final Fantasy series will have an experience point system that is slightly different from the single-player games. When journeying alone, the amount of experience a player receives is based on his or her level. The higher the player's level, the less experience that player will gain when an enemy is defeated. This ensures that only the most dedicated players will get to the highest levels. Traveling in a party will only make gathering experience more difficult, for the experience is based on the level of the most experienced member of the party, and that experience is equally distributed among party members.

A "Weapon Skills System" will also appear in the game, allowing weapons to have special attacks specific to the weapon, such as daggers inflicting poison and a double strike attack for swords. These special attacks will draw from the character's "TP" gauge, found below the standard Hit Point and Magic Point gauges. It is currently unknown how this gauge will refill itself. Fans of the Final Fantasy series will be happy to hear that chocobos will be making an appearance in Final Fantasy XI; however, they will have a slightly different look than their Final Fantasy X counterparts. Final Fantasy XI will arrive in Japan on May 16, 2002.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Magic Box]
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