Final Fantasy Tactics Game Boy Advance Port Confirmed
Final Fantasy Tactics

According to an interview conducted by Famitsu with Nintendo, the recently announced possibility of a Final Fantasy Tactics Game Boy Advance release has been officially confirmed. Although specifics about the port were not mentioned, the confirmation does put to rest any speculation as to the validity of this developing story.

Originally released on the PlayStation, Square's classic strategy RPG takes players into the world of Ivalice where a 50 year long war had just ended. However, the peace couldn't last, and the worst of political and religious strife is yet to come. Utilizing a tactical turn-based system, the game allows players to choose from a myriad of classes based on the Final Fantasy series. Hundreds of character-specific skills are available to the many, unique jobs.

Final Fantasy Tactics will be ready to be released before the end of the next fiscal year in Japan. A North American release is uncertain at this point and will not be confirmed until Square EA announces its stance on the newly-formed Nintendo deal.

by Joseph Witham    
Source: [Planet GameCube]
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