All the Square-Nintendo News That's Fit to Print

In the aftermath of the Square-Nintendo reconciliation, rumors have been circulating wildly and speculation is running rampant. A recent issue of Famitsu contained some commentary from Square investor relations representative Kazuyoshi Murakawa, and the news he had sheds some light on the whole situation. According to Murakawa, "the deal between Square and Nintendo is still an ongoing process and has not been finalized." This means that beyond basic plans to release four games by the end of the fiscal year, there is very little in the way of information about these titles that can be circulated at this time.

Murakawa also revealed some interesting information concerning Nintendo's Fund Q, stating that the development fund -- set up to encourage developers to include connectivity features between the Gamecube and GBA in their titles-- is only one of several approaches Square is hoping to take with the new subsidiary. This means that although Square will likely one day develop GameCube titles, currently, "GameCube titles are not a part of the plan," in the words of Murakawa. Still, a Square representative did say that the new Final Fantasy game announced for the system would be a "new type of game", seeming to suggest that GameCube titles might be part of another plan. Either way, Square will still be looking to take advantage of the connectivity features at some time.

Meanwhile, it seems as though the company, tentatively named Game Designers Studio, will commence production immediately, as previously reported. "We intend to releae new, original titles, as well as ports of classic titles," Murakawa said. "We plan to release three to four games within this fiscal year, and hopefully one of them by the end of this year." Another interesting development was then revealed; Game Designers Studio will have only one staff member. A veteran of the Final Fantasy and SaGa series, Akitoshi Kawazu will be a one-man operation, as SquareSoft will be taking care of the actual development of the games.

This certainly does not eliminate any of the speculation; Murakawa himself did not deny that Final Fantasy Tactics was a likely source for a port, although he did emphasize that nothing has been finalized. Be sure to stay tuned to RPGamer as more information surfaces concerning this situation.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Gamespot, IGN]
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