More Info Percolates From New 'Atelier Lilie' Remake

As Gust Interactive puts the finishing touches on its new PlayStation 2 title, Atelier Lilie Plus, (a remake of the original Atelier Lilie for the same system that comes less than a year after the original game's release) more is known about the game's new online fighting modes. One is a random battle mode that chooses online partners at random from a sample that meets specified conditions. The resulting allied unit then fights in a tournament battle held on a specific day, and it is possible to have the outcome displayed on the game's Web site.

Additionally, players can enter the "plus battle" mode and choose a character, an item to carry, a rank and an action pattern for the character. Action patterns are strategic directives triggered by specific situations. For example, a character can be directed to use medicine on an ally when his or her HP falls below 20 percent.

Atelier Lilie follows the exploits of a young alchemist, Lilie, and constitutes the third entry in the series. The updated version's release is set for April 4, 2002 in Japan, for 4800 yen, or roughly $37.00 US. Those hoping for a North American localization are advised to roll in the nearest bed of four-leaf clovers, wear a golden horseshoe at all times, never keep two canaries in the same room of your house, under no condition engage in the killing of whippoorwills, and above all else, to clamp your ears whenever an owl goes to hollering.

by Michael Henninger    
Source: [Impress Watch]
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