Dragon Quest Monsters I and II Gets Official Street Date
Dragon Quest Monsters

Enix's PSone port of its Dragon Quest Monsters series for the Game Boy Color will see a March 31 release in Japan. Dragon Quest Monsters I & II consists of Terry's Wonderland (Dragon Warrior Monsters in North America) and Martha's Mysterious Keys: Iru's Adventure and Ruka's Journey (comprising Dragon Warrior Monsters II in North America under the names Tara's Adventure and Cobi's Journey).

There is no word on a possible localization at this time. Despite Enix's somewhat more aggressive presence in North American as of late, as well as the port-over's improved graphics and gameplay, the fact remains that as new consoles saturate the market, the aging PSone is less likely to see action from publishers.

by Michael Henninger    
Source: [The Magicbox]
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