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New details have been announced about the latest entry in the Shining series, Shining Soul. Perhaps the most interesting news is the fact that the game supports a four-player co-operative mode, allowing players to team up and defeat enemies, explore dungeons, or trade rare items. It appears that the four-player mode will be accessible with only a single cartridge, but it is expected that if players would like to use their own characters in multiplayer mode, they will each need their own cartridge.

Four classes of characters have been revealed, giving players the choice between a human fighter, a human mage, an elven archer, and a dragonslayer. Players can also decide on a name and color during character creation. The dungeons will provide a place for defeating monsters and gaining levels. In addition, in the dungeons, players can collect rare items to collect and trade. It is expected that hardcore players will spend a great deal of time in the dungeons trying to collect all of the rare items.

Shining Soul is currently slated for a March 28th release in Japan for 5800 yen (about $47). The official website, located here, will launch on March 1st. It is unknown whether or not the game will find a North American release, but RPGamer will deliver any more information as it arrives.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Game Watch]
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