New Fire Emblem Class Revealed

Fire Emblem: The Sealed Sword, the upcoming strategy RPG for the Game Boy Advance, is quickly approaching release in Japan. New details are being announced about the game, the most recent of which are details on a new character class: the "nomad." A strong unit with high agility, the nomad is an outstanding class in itself, but it gains its greatest ability when it makes a class change to a more powerful soldier unit. The nomad can utilize its agility and strength to be a very powerful front line character.

This new entry into the Fire Emblem saga features several changes from previous games, including new commands, units, and items. It is currently slated for release in Japan on March 29, for 4800 yen (about $35.70). No North American release has been announced yet, but such a release cannot yet be ruled out.

by Justin Weiss    
Sources: [Famitsu]
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