Dark Cloud Among First PS2 Greatest Hits Titles
Dark Cloud

Sony's Greatest Hits line was a godsend for many an RPGamer during the PSone days and, given the popularity of the budget line, it was only a matter of time until the PS2 version was announced. That time arrived today when Sony announced the line and laid down the requirements for a PS2 game to be considered a Greatest Hit. To be eligible, a game would have to sell in excess of 400,000 copies, and it must have been on sale for nine months already. The first batch of PS2 Greatest Hits was announced as well, and on the list of games was last spring's Dark Cloud.

Andrew House, Sony's senior VP, stated that the company is, "focused on presenting users with the best entertainment experience at compelling prices, further extending the PlayStation 2 value proposition by consistently passing on savings to the consumer."

The budget version of Dark Cloud is available right now at the standard Greatest Hits price of $24.99. With the burgeoning popularity of RPGs, gamers can look forward to many bargain titles in the coming years.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
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