Super Robot Wars PS2-Bound
Super Robot Taisen Impact

Banpresto has released information pertaining to its upcoming PS2 mecha-RPG, Super Robot Wars: Impact. The series, which has made numerous appearances on several consoles, is an anime fan's dream-come-true, featuring over-sized robots from several popular anime series.

This time around, Banpresto is promising some gameplay innovations for the PS2 debut of the series. The battle system will involve a combo-based "union attack system" and a counterattack move. Further gameplay and story details should be available in the near future.

Super Robot Wars: Impact is set to hit Japan on March 28 and will carry a 7,980 ¥ (~$60) price tag. No North American release details have been mentioned as of yet. For an idea of what the game looks like in action, check out the screens that were posted earlier this week.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
Source: [Famitsu]
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