A Sakura Sensation

Sega has recently announced an importer's dream. In concurrence with the release of Sakura Wars 4: Maidens Fall in Love on March 21st, RPGamers in Japan could choose to buy the Sakura Wars Complete Box as a final tribute to their Dreamcasts.

The Sakura Wars Complete Box will retail for an astounding 18,000 ¥ (~ $136 USD). The Complete Box contains all four games on ten GD-Roms enshrined in the folding case shown below. However, these will not be on sale forever; as with all Sakura Wars games, the special sets are limited editions.

For those who are not familiar with this series, Sakura Wars involves flirtation with the female characters in an attempt to enhance their mecha's abilities in battle. Sakura Wars originally started on the Sega Saturn and continued on the Dreamcast. Sega later remade the first two games on the Dreamcast, making this collection on one system a reality.

Sakura Wars Complete Box
The cover
Ten discs
Game images

by Mikel Tidwell    
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