Heroes Get 'Friend' Support in Suikoden III
Suikoden III

As has been known for months, Suikoden III utilizes the so-called "trinity sight system," which offers players a three-way, interweaving scenario. Each scenario is centered around one of the game's three heroes, Hugo, Chris, and Jed, and players can switch between them to see how their actions as one hero affects the others.

Additionally, it is now also known that each hero will be supported in their quest by a group of trustworthy 'friends.' I know what you must be thinking: Whoa, stop blowing my mind, RPGamer! But don't run from your homes howling mad in the streets just yet, because although details are sketchy concerning how these characters function, as well as what differentiates them from the normal sort of allies who join your active party and contribute to the task of killing monsters, there is the possibility that the group provides reconnaissance work crucial to the campaign. To what degree, if any, 'friends' consolidate in these matters is also a mystery, but this may be the sign of a new, intriguing system in the works.

Suikoden III remains on track for a March 2002 release in Japan. A localization is confirmed, but the logistics have not been made clear at this time.

by Michael Henninger    
Source: [Famitsu]
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