Square Prepares to Bare All

Hideki Tsuchiya, a spokesperson for Square, has revealed the RPG powerhouse will make a formal announcement of their plans for the future sometime this week. Not only will a release date be targeted for Final Fantasy XI, pricing for the game will also be outlined. It is expected that the company will announce an April release for Japan; furthermore, Square will be unveiling their anticipated development plan for 2002 on the PlayStation 2.

This is good news for gamers and investors alike; shortly after the news was made public, share prices for Square stock climbed 2%. What this announcement will mean for North American RPGamers is anyone's guess. One possibility is the confirmation of a release date for Kingdom Hearts, which is set to arrive in Japanese stores on March 28. RPGamer will continue following this story as it develops and bring you all the details of Square's plans as they are made available.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Core Magazine]
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