Grandia Xtreme Battle System Details
Grandia Xtreme

GameArts will spice Grandia Xtreme's battle mechanics up via a few interesting features. Firstly, by using what's being called the Synchronize Flash System, players can preform three-character combo attacks. A more pristine feature is the cancel system, wherein an enemy's attack can be prevented if said foe is attacked first. Although a similar attack is present in past Grandia games, this iteration seems to be a chance affair, most likely based on an individual statistic, such as speed or dexterity. This, however, works both ways, as enemies can also cancel player attacks in the same fashion.

During battles it is also possible to gain an advantage over foes on occasion, and during these junctures two additional commands, "combo" and "critical," become available. Both are self-explanatory, as the former allows the player to attack multiple times in a single turn, while "critical" affords players the opportunity to wallop opponents nice and proper.

Grandia Xtreme's impending release is set for January 31, 2002 in Japan. A North American release is yet to be announced, but as the series has maintained a strong record for being localized, the prospect of someone picking this one up looks favorable.

by Michael Henninger    
Source: [The Magicbox]
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