Kaeru Bibak Announced for GBA

Kadokawa Shoten Publishing has revealed a new Game Boy Advance RPG entitled Kaeru Bibak. The game, which was originally released for the PlayStation by Victor Interactive, will feature time travel as its central concept, and players must travel back in time to change the past. This, in turn, will alter events in the present, promising to make for an interesting storyline.

Kaeru's battle system will be somewhat standard fare, featuring six different summon monsters which can be called upon to battle for the player's party. This system is known as the Support Monster system, and allows players to augment their power by borrowing energy from the summon monsters. As players level up, more power can be borrowed from a greater number of the summon monsters, and more powerful attacks become available from combining the summons.

At this point, ten playable characters have been revealed, and it looks as though the game is going old-school with its character selection. There will be rangers, elves, dwarves, and even hobbits included in the game. Below are some character profiles of characters from the original PlayStation release. It is uncertain whether these characters will all appear in the Gameboy Advance version, but this does represent the complete cast from the original game.

Cast of Characters

The most mature of these characters is an elf named Yune. Yune is the elven equivalent of 18 years old, or at least that's what she appears to be. She stands a little over five feet tall, and while she is strong willed, she is a caring soul at heart. She has been raised for some time by her elder sister, and there is a powerful bond between the two.

No fantasy-themed cast of characters would be complete without a half-elf, and Kaeru doesn't disappoint in this regard. Rachel is 13 years old, and is a reclusive half-elf, living in peaceful solitude amidst the trees. While she would never admit it, Rachel is very lonely, and she can be very sad at times. Yun's animal friends are the only one she allows herself to care for, and as such, she can seem distant at times. Still barely more than a child, Rachel is only four foot nine, but more than makes up for her inexperience with her skill as a ranger.

The aforementioned hobbit is a young woman named Ryutta, who is of indeterminate age and stands just under four feet tall. Ryutta yearns to be a minstrel, and is a skilled singer and dancer. Blessed with a cheery disposition and possessed of a ravenous sweet tooth, Ryutta nevertheless has a capricious streak underneath her cheerful exterior, and is a force to be reckoned with in battle.

Rod Garhau is a dwarf, and he is a fearsome fighter of 56 years with a great degree of skill in blacksmithing. Having followed this trade in the town of Corona for years, he is an expert in the field of dwarven armaments and the weaponry of other races alike. With a wide stubborn streak and a tendency towards excessive drinking, Rod is also no stranger to fighting, and has a temper to match this disposition. Even so, he is reliable in emergencies, and a valuable companion.

Smart, devoted to her research, and very much interested in the white dragon, Rera Rideru is the elder sister of a knight. Her stern countenance and cold exterior do not betray her compassionate side; although she seems to be very severe, Rera would never forsake those who are in trouble, and is a tenderhearted person. Very levelheaded despite her young age, the 25-year old Rera is both a scholar and a priest. Her average height and slim build have lead her towards a support role in conflict, although she can hold her own when necessary.

One of the more dependable members of Kaeru's cast, 22-year old Renfrete Astonishia is searching for her childhood friend, Leon, lost in an attack on her hometown of Valencia. Renfrete herself was protected by the red dragon, and meets the other characters in the town of Corona during the course of her search. Of average height and build, Renfrete is definitely not of average talent; her fearsome skills as a fighter lead some to view her as slightly manly in her ways. Even so, she has the disposition of a big sister, and is pure at heart, looking out for her friends.

Lera Rideru's younger brother, Dewey Rideru is a knight by trade, and although he is only 18, already belongs to the order of Knights Hospitalers of Corona. Standing taller than the rest of the party at nearly six feet tall, Dewey certainly has the bearing of a knight, and the heart to go along with it. With a strong sense of responsibility, Dewey is a sincere protector, who is viewed as indispensable by the people of Corona. He's also viewed frequently by the women of the town, as his handsome face has gained some renown in Corona.

Necromancer and spiritualist Karenina R. Orfos was once a princess, but when her kingdom was ruined by the dark elves, she was forced to flee at a very young age to Corona, where she was raised from infancy. As a result, at the age of 14, she has no knowledge of her personal background. She is possessed of grace and gentility seldom found in a child her age, however, and is of extremely strong character.

A thief by trade and by heritage, Roux's father was himself once a master thief. Roux's slight build and quick reflexes aid her in her life of crime, and at 19 she has seen a wayward existence. She has also been solitary for a fair amount of time; she was separated from her father, whose spirit has become trapped in a ruby figurine of a cat.

A magician by trade, Marlow Fonte frequents Corona's magic institute on a regular basis. She has a delicate bearing, and although she is 15, people often mistake her for much younger. This is not something Marlow is too fond of, and as a result, she spends a lot of her time trying to put on adult airs. In the end, she is still a child at heart. This does not mean, however, that she is not a force to be reckoned with; her disciplined study of magic has made her one of the most talented magicians in Corona, a fact she is quick to point out.

Aruta Gray provides the muscle behind the party. With a strong sense of justice and a frank manner of speaking, the 20-year-old tries his level best to be popular with everyone, going so far as to express feminist views on occasion. This is never something he can keep up, however, and most girls know better than to buy into his act. It's much the same with his personality in general; though he tries to act refined, his rough side keeps shining through. Even so, he is looked up to by the children of Corona as a hero, and is very well-liked.

With the time-travel element that is included in the game, players' decisions have a great impact on events. Not only can forests turn into deserts and vice-versa (à la Chrono Trigger), but choices made during conversation can have an impact on events, and the reaction of characters changes based upon responses. Each situation has a number of suitable responses, which creates an interesting opportunity for replayability.

Kaeru Bibak is well into its development, and should be ready for release in Japan on March 25, 2002. There has been no indication of whether the game will make it to North American shores; given that the original did not, the chances seem somewhat lower, although with a different system, there may be different publishers willing to bring the game overseas. The game's suggested retail price is 5800 yen, or approximately $43.00 US.

by Andrew Long    
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