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Dual Hearts

More details have become available concerning the gameplay in Sony's PlayStation 2 RPG, Dual Hearts. In regards to puzzle solving, the main character can maneuver dungeon fields using specific actions such as push, lift and jump. Weapons also serve special functions useful for advancing, such as launching spears and crushing things with hammers. Key items operate in a similar vein; pathways can be unlocked by lifting heavy rocks with the gauntlet, the boomerang can snatch items at a distance, and bombs are the perfect way to make a more raucous entrance.

In battles, it is possible to bolster attacks by performing real-time button sequences. For instance, one can attack an opponent three times continuously for a trifecta if the action button is pressed at the proper time.

Dual Hearts remains on track for its release next month. The game will retail on February 14 for 5800 yen, or approximately $43.00 US.

by Michael Henninger    
Source: [The Magicbox]
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