Capcom To Release GBA RPG

Details have been uncovered on a new RPG from Capcom for the Game Boy Advance. Black Black is a standard "dungeon-style" RPG, the game will feature a battle system in which players must effectively "mate" with other characters to enhance their skills. It appears that due to this system, compatibility between characters will play a large role in the game. For example, based on the player's actions, a "frendship point" meter will increase or decrease, making "persuasion" easier or more difficult.

The game's story will focus on a quest to find a magic flute, with the main cast consisting of Woods, Karma, Honey, and Heiyo. Supporting characters include Gen, Karen, and Inakki. Though currently slated for a February 8th release in Japan, no mention has been made of a North American release. Keep reading RPGamer for further information about a western release of the game as it arises.

by Justin Weiss    
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