Final Fantasy Anthology to Be Released France
Final Fantasy Anthology

It was recently revealed that Final Fantasy Anthology will be released in France for the PlayStation. This is the first time Final Fantasy VI has ever reached Europe. The game will be released on February 27th and will retail at a price translating to approximately $15 USD.

As an additional bonus, gamers will receive a PlayStation 2 Final Fantasy X demo with the game, translated for the first time into French. The demo covers the first two chapters of the game, and looks to be the first European sample of the game. It will act as a promotion in anticipation of the game's PAL release.

The game was originally released as Final Fantasy III for the Super Nintendo in North America. It has since gone on to be released again in Anthology format back in 1999. Now it comes as a blessing to French RPGamers who will finally be able to enjoy the game.

RPGamer would like to thank Davy Balo for this information.

Update: 01.19.02. It has come to our attention that the game will not be secluded to a French release, and that it will indeed be released Europe-wide. Thanks to Sami Eloranta for this correction.

Update: 01.21.02. Ralph Taube of Square Net recently contacted Sony Europe and informed us that the game will be available in English only, and that the list price is actually higher than the originally stated $15.00 USD. We're sorry if this has caused any confusion.

by Joseph Witham    
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