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Final Fantasy XII
To the Sword of Kings
Piano Submitter(s): Francis "Fermat's Last Theorem" Gayon
Download: [Download (5080.14k)]
Comment: Still part of my solo piano series which includes The Wiccan Lesson, the two Spherical Aberration pieces, and The Mad, To the Sword of Kings is considerably subtler. I was listening to the Final Fantasy XII OST when I noticed a bass sequence somewhere in the middle of The Stilshrine of Miriam that was strikingly similar to Destiny's opening progression. Thinking it was something pretty good to work with, I started playing with the themes and this is the end product.
Composed for piano using Sibelius 5 and rendered by Kouen using SONAR 7 Producer Edition.
Penelo Theme
Piano Submitter(s): Matthew 'barieuph' Russo
Download: [Download (3307.01k)]
Comment: I wrote this simple piece to honor the release of FFXII. It's a simple arrangement based on Panelo's Theme, just the A phrase. It's simple, for piano and that's about it. Enjoy.


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