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Final Fantasy X
Hymn of the Fayth
Classical Submitter(s): Ardea
Download: [Download (4.34k)]
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Piano Submitter(s): Bladiator
MP3 Splendid Performance Final Round
Download: [Download (5368k)]
Comment: I has just been sent a WIP of a song by someone, and they were remixing the Zanarkand theme. This reminded me of how awesome the song was and how I really needed to remix it. Originally, I had wanted to take a battle theme and make a nice down to earth piano solo out of it, as is my calling. But then after doing a couple days of random improv on this theme, I decided to give it a try. It starts out as almost an "Oops, I forgot about the theme," and then abruptly turns into phatbeetzville and becomes very animated. I hope you enjoy it.
Enemy Attack
Classical Submitter(s): Chris Watson
Download: [Download (20.87k)]
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Classical Submitter(s): Chris Watson
Download: [Download (60.49k)]
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Unspoken Dreams
Piano Submitter(s): Darangen
Download: [Download (4644.12k)]
Comment: Just by listening to the sound-tracks of Final Fantasy X and X-2, you can tell the difference between X (which had Nobuo Uematsu on it) and X-2 (which didn't). But if you look enough, you can also see the impact he had on the new composers for SquareEnix. This is an arrangement of "Someday the dream will end" (FFX) and "1000 Words" (FFX-2). I found them to blend fairly well together and I've wanted to arrange both of them since I heard them in-game. This isn't one of my most glamorous releases, there wasn't really an emotional drive to do it, but none-the-less, it's my interpretation of these themes.
Girl Scout of Bikanel
Classical Submitter(s): Rexy
Download: [Download (8096.33k)]
Comment: My entry into the Anthem of the Unsung contest provides some very belated coverage for Rikku's theme from Final Fantasy X. Odds are she would never stop complaining about why people didn't cover her music so much no matter how many times she would plead for it. Eventually I would cave into her arguments, work with the sweet melodies as provided by Nobuo Uematsu and provide a keys-driven mellow rendition that managed to calm her down. The morale of this write-up is to never drink while brainstorming, because you might see people that are merely fiction in an entertainment medium like videogames. I hope you like what I did tho, and good luck to all contestants :)
Thunder Plains (SF2 style)
Rock Submitter(s): Seth Brown
Download: [Download (62.51k)]
Comment: So the idea came to me...what if Final Fantasy X's Thunder Plains had actually been a dungeon in SaGa Frontier 2, and was arranged in the "cute techno" style? Well, here's my answer.
Soaring Away
New Age Submitter(s): Tom Plets
Download: [Download (3310.88k)]
Comment: Here is my electronic remix of Uematsu's legendary theme from Final Fantasy X. My goal was to keep the original, majestic qualility while giving it an energetic spin. The song opens with a syncapted arppeggio played by a saw wave synth, followed by an off-beat bass which sets the stage for the soon to enter piano playing the theme. The vocals then demand a rest from the other instruments to claim full attention.
I had to modify the structure of the words to fit some areas of this piece, but they seemed to fall into place quite easily!
Assembled in FL Studio 8 with vocals by me.
Steel Blitzballs
Metal Submitter(s): Wen-Bin "Virtuoso" Tan
Download: [Download (2825.37k)]
Comment: One important skill to know when it comes to remixology is to remix tunes in styles which are as far from the original as possible. This includes remixing fast tunes in slow styles and slow tunes in fast styles. I am thus proud to present to you the eternally popular To Zanarkand, in a power metal remix.
As usual, being dissatisfied with my lousy distortion guitar synth, I have opted for an additional voice synth, as well as vibraphone and drop-D acoustic guitar synths, which are only sparingly used.
It should be a more or less interesting listen. Comments are greatly appreciated.
Ending Theme
Classical Submitter(s): Wincy Cheung
Download: [Download (30.28k)]
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